Garlic For High Blood Pressure [Infographic]

You may already know that garlic does a great job in fighting cold and flu. But that’s not all. It can boost immunity, decrease blood glucose, improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of having cancer. No wonder it’s called the ‘superfood’. What about hypertension? Well thanks to the abundance of healing properties found in(…)

Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a number of different physiological changes take place to ensure that both the mother and the growing fetus are healthy. One such change that is noticed is in the blood pressure. The blood pressure needs to remain within normal limits so that the necessary oxygen and nutrients reach the fetus. However, sometimes the(…)

Salt And Blood Pressure

Salt seems to be the culprit of hypertension because it’s loaded with sodium. The truth is, our body needs sodium to regulate the fluid balance and maintain the proper function of muscles and nerves. Problems only occur when we consume too much of sodium. Salt and blood pressure relationship When the kidneys are unable to(…)

High Systolic Blood Pressure – Isolated Systolic Hypertension

 High blood pressure, also called hypertension is a clinical condition where the pressure at which blood flows through the arteries is elevated. Broadly classified, hypertension is of two types – systolic hypertension and diastolic hypertension. Systolic hypertension refers to high blood pressure when the arteries are in a state of contraction. Diastolic hypertension refers to(…)

Hypertension? Check Out Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol

You didn’t get me wrong. High cholesterol is associated with hypertension and heart diseases. So, to control high blood pressure, you must first have a healthy level of cholesterol. Let’s learn more about it. What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy substance built by the liver. It is needed by the body to assist cell(…)

High Diastolic Blood Pressure

The blood in our body flows from the heart to various parts of the body through blood vessels. It does so at a particular speed and pressure. This pressure is called blood pressure. There are two main measurements taken when checking the blood pressure – systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. An elevated systolic blood pressure(…)

Green Tea And Blood Pressure: Hypertension Natural Remedy [infographic]

Green tea does a great job in maintaining overall health. It is not only anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, but it is also renowned for its powerful anti-oxidant property. Many people take it regularly not just to prevent cancer, but also Parkinson’s disease, kidney stones, avoid constipation, relieve bad breath and fight cavities. Sounds like a ‘super-drink’ right?(…)