Find The Causes Of Hypertension & Treat Effectively

What are the causes of hypertension? You need to discover the real reason that increases your blood pressure, so you can choose the right way to control it. Let’s find out here.

Causes Of Hypertension

Majority cases of high blood pressure are primary hypertension. Although there are no clear cut causes found for this type of hypertension, but there are various factors that may elevate blood pressure:

  • Obesitycauses-of-hypertension-obesity
    Overweight increases the difficulties of your heart to pump blood throughout your body. Children may have hypertension due to this reason.
  • Lack of activities or having sedentary habit
    Are you a couch potato? Seldom exercise? Beware then, because lack of physical activities will make your heart muscle less efficient in delivering blood.
  • Sleep apnea
    This is a disorder where one stops breathing a while during his or her sleep. According to research, the patient’s blood pressure will not decrease like others do when asleep.
  • Excessive consumption of salt
    Too much of sodium will cause fluid retention and subsequently elevate the blood pressure.
  • Lack of potassium, calcium, magnesium and vitamin D
    Insufficient of potassium means more sodium stay in the body – which is a big no-no. Studies also showed that low level of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D cause hypertension.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
    Heavy drinkers who take more than two drinks per day are prone to weight gain and hypertension.
  • Medications
    Certain medicines like aspirin, contraceptives pills, diet pills and antidepressants are associated with upraising blood pressure.
  • Smoking
    Cigarettes and tobacco are not only bad for lung. They will harm the blood vessel walls and lead to arteries hardening.
  • Stress
    If you have a hectic, overwhelming life, you may feel tense regularly. Prolonged stress can lead to unhealthy level of blood pressure.
  • Aging
    The arteries of older persons are less elastic and stiffer. That is why it’s common that elderly develop hypertension.
  • Genetics
    If you have a family history of hypertension, you may have the risk of having the illness.

ideal-blood-pressure-questionWhat about sugar and high blood pressure?

Research shows that there is a connection between sugar and hypertension. Besides of obesity, too much of fructose will also cause an increase of uric acid which will constrict nitric oxide in our body. As a result, blood vessels tends to narrow, blood flow decreases and elevates the blood pressure.


Effects Of High Blood Pressure

causes-of-hypertension-and-effectsI must say that the consequences of hypertension are very serious and very frightening!

Haha 🙂

Now I don’t mean to scare you and make you feel stress. But too many people just ignore it and refuse to check or control their blood pressure. This increase the risk of suffering various complications which will ruin their life. So, take charge of your health.

Untreated hypertension may cause:

  • Heart diseases
    This includes heart attack, enlarged heart and heart failure which are mostly fatal. It happens when the heart constantly has to work hard to pump blood and results in thickening and hardening of the heart muscle.
  • Stroke
    Similar to heart attack, stroke occurs when the blood is unable to be delivered to certain part of the body due to blockages. One gets stroke when the blood fail to reach the brain.
  • Kidney failure
    Uncontrolled high blood pressure will damage the blood vessels in your kidneys. Consequently, they cannot filter your blood efficiently and cause more blockages in the bloodstream.
  • Vision Loss
    When the blood vessels in the eyes burst or injure, it will lead to blindness.
  • Sexual problem
    Hypertension if left untreated will interrupt the blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction. It is also one of the side effects of taking hypertension medicines.

By understanding the causes of hypertension and its effects, you may realize the need to lower bp number. Following are some remedies for hypertension.

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