Food To Lower Blood Pressure: 18 Natural Remedies For Hypertension

Hypertension drugs are not just awful to swallow, but also expensive. Not to mention various undesirable side effects. Why not check out the food to lower blood pressure and incorporate them in your diet plan.

Food To Lower Blood Pressure (I)

garlic-and-hypertension Garlic
Widen blood vessels and help blood flow, prevent blood clotting, reduce cholesterol
Tip: Eat them raw or minced them to go with your sandwich, salad
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-ginger Ginger
Keep blood vessel’s elasticity, improve blood flow, prevent blood clotting, lower cholesterol
Tip: Boil to make tea; Slice and add to your porridge, soup, meat dishes
celery-good-for-hypertension Celery
Dilate blood vessels, ease blood flow, reduce fluid retention
Tip: Blend with carrot to make juice; Stir fry with broccoli and cauliflower
tomato-for-hypertension Tomato
Good diuretic to remove excess sodium, keep arteries elastic, lower cholesterol
Tip: Blend with celery to make juice; Add to salad; Stew with mushroom and chickpeas
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-bitter-melon Bitter Melon
Lower cholesterol, rich in potassium and calcium to decrease fluid retention
Tip: Blend with lime to make juice; Add potato for soup
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-reishi-mushroom Reishi Mushroom
Dilate arteries, stimulate blood circulation, decrease cholesterol level
Tip: Brew to tea; Boil to soup


Food To Lower Blood Pressure (II)

Olive Oil
Prevent plaque build up on arteries wall, reduce cholesterol
Tip: Take 1 tablespoon as is; Add to salad; Cook dishes using them
Flaxseed Oil
Avoid blood clotting, maintain healthiness of the veins, prevent hardening of arteries
Tip: Take 1 tablespoon as is; Mix to your cereal, soup, salad, stews
Lower cholesterol, prevent formation of plaque on arteries wall
Tip: Add banana, raisins, apricots or cinnamons to your oatmeal
Dilate blood vessels, stimulate circulation, improve heart efficiency
Tip: Make tea and add cinnamon or honey
Cayenne Pepper
Remove plaque and cholesterol from arteries, provide nutrients for the heart, improve blood circulation
Tip: Mix with lemon to make juice; Sprinkle to your dish
Black Soybeans
Dilate blood vessels, stimulate circulation, eliminate excess sodium
Tip: Mix with tomato, carrot to make soup; Stew with quinoa


Food To Lower Blood Pressure (III)

food-to-lower-blood-pressure-banana Banana
Remove excess sodium and fluid retention, aid in blood vessels relaxation
Tip: Eat them raw; Add to cereal, yogurt, pancakes
tart-cherries-for-hypertension Tart Cherries
Calm blood vessels, release excess sodium, decrease cholesterol level
Tip: Eat them raw; Add to cereal, salad, yogurt
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-beet-root Beetroot Juice
Widen blood vessels, improve blood flow
Tip: Blend with apple, carrot and ginger to make juice
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-pomegranate-juice Pomegranate Juice
Prevent blood vessels become narrow, help blood vessels relax, improve blood flow
Tip: Blend the seeds to juice
food-to-lower-blood-pressure-hibiscus-tea Hibiscus Tea
Keep blood vessels healthy, diuretic to release excess sodium, lower cholesterol
Tip: Boil the flowers to tea, add honey or lemon
moringa-tea-for-hypertension Moringa Leaves
Aid blood vessels to function properly, promote smooth blood flow, decrease cholesterol level
Tip: Grind the leaves and boil to tea; Add the leaves to soup, salad, sandwiches


Mmm… that’s all? Nope.

I tried my best to gather more information on food to lower blood pressure, and the list goes on!

ideal-blood-pressure-questionAny other natural remedies for high blood pressure?

Red yeast rice, krill oil, chlorella, seaweed, neem, basil, spinach, potatoes, corns, onions, prune, aloe vera, lemon, pineapple, melon, apricot, cinnamon, raisins, grape seeds, hemp seeds, adzuki beans, honey, apple cider vinegar, gingko biloba, yarrow…

Wow, it’s good to know that there are so many drug-free ways to control hypertension right? But please do not dump your medications right away. Consult with your doctor before taking them because everyone’s condition may differ.

Hopefully these foods decrease your blood pressure and increase your overall health effectively.

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