7 Helpful High Blood Pressure Remedies

Never let hypertension destroys the health and happiness you deserve. Here are high blood pressure remedies to control the illness. The good news is, they are doable 🙂

High Blood Pressure Remedies

    Normally doctor will prescribe medicines to the patient if his/her hypertension is serious. This is inevitable in order to get the bp reading down to a safer level. The common medications used are Diuretics, Beta Blocker, Calcium Channel Blocker, Angiotensin-converting Enzyme (ACE) Inhibitors, Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers and Renin Inhibitors.What are the side effects of high blood pressure medication?

    • Fatigue, tiredness
    • Drowsy, dizzy, headache
    • Cough
    • Dry mouth
    • Nausea
    • Constipation
    • Depression
    • Insomnia
    • Impotence

    Keep in mind that not all people experience discomfort from taking hypertension drugs. Please do not stop your medications without consulting your doctor.

    Obesity is the leading cause of high blood pressure. So losing weight is a must-do. There are many guidelines that you can choose to follow base on you preferences.Personally I’d suggest “eat less, more often” technique. It means taking small, healthy meals for 5 to 6 times a day. Instead of starving yourself, this strategy helps to reduce your food cravings, lower cholesterol and raise your metabolism.Although there are no strong evidences that it sure works, but I did drop a few kilos after I adopted this eating habit. Some of the nutritious snacks that you can try are whole grain bread, walnuts, oatmeal cookies, salads, fresh fruits and vegetable soup.
    Experts claim that 30 minutes of physical activities, 5 days per week is one of the best high blood pressure remedies. It can decrease bp level after a month as your heart is getting stronger and more efficient in pumping blood.You can first start with something light like brisk walk, take the stairs, clean the yard, play football or chasing with your kids, run with your dog or window shopping (my favorite). Then, you can try cycling, skating, dancing, swimming or working out at the gym.
    Most people think stress is very common and it will go off by itself. The truth is, both physical and emotional tension will accumulate and cause hypertension.Hence, don’t keep the stress.Rearrange your schedule so you get some time to chill out, share your workload, do meditations or yoga, listen to music, try spa, aromatherapy or simply do the things you love!
    This may sound cliché but the tobacco in cigarettes has no benefits to your body. It will only elevate the blood pressure and increase the risk of getting heart attack.
    Of course you can enjoy your wine or beer, but – moderately. According to research, it’s better to control the daily consumption to not more than 24 ounce of beer, or 8 ounce of wine, or 2 ounce of hard liquor.
  7. ACUPUNCTUREhigh-blood-pressure-remedies-acupunture
    Acupuncture is traditional Chinese treatment where needles are penetrated to certain points of the body to heal illnesses. Some have reported that it reduces blood pressure.Just contact an acupuncturist, consult your condition with him/her and try the treatment. Normally each session is 30 minutes, once per week.

ideal-blood-pressure-questionCan high blood pressure be controlled by diet?

Yes. Having low sodium, high potassium and fibre foods can help a lot in decreasing blood pressure. Check out the recommended hypertension diet here.

ideal-blood-pressure-questionCan vitamins lower high blood pressure?

Studies have proved that certain nutrients are effective in managing hypertension, such as vitamin b, c, d and calcium. However, the best way to obtain the health benefits is through foods instead of pills.

Above are the high blood pressure remedies to manage hypertension. Well, no one likes to take pills every day for their whole life. So why not practice healthier habits to lower your blood pressure? It will reward you with a happy, fulfilling life.

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