Omron Blood Pressure Monitors – Highly Rated Devices That Doctors Recommend

Need a helpful partner to measure your blood pressure? You can count on Omron blood pressure monitors!

Now if you think monitoring one’s blood pressure is just for the hypertension patients, then you are wrong. In fact, it’s important for everyone to have regular check. This is because hypertension often strikes without any symptoms or warnings. What’s even worse? The consequences are serious such as blindness, strokes, heart attack or even death.

On the other hand, hypotension patients also have to beware of their blood pressure to avoid health problems.

Therefore, it is wise to get a home monitor that is efficient and durable.


Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

omron-blood-pressure-monitorsThey are trusted, high quality products that are often recommended by doctors and healthcare professionals around the world. Why? Check out their advantages. Following are the features of Omron BP785 10 Series upper arm blood pressure monitor:

  • Reliable
    Omron BP785 10 Series comes with two sets of sensors. After the first reading, it automatically runs the second reading to double check the accuracy of the results. You can be rest assured with its calibration check system.
  • Accurate
    Another special feature of Omron BP785 10 Series is its ability to take three readings automatically within three minutes. It then presents you the average measurement instead of just one reading which may not be accurate.
  • Auto Detection
    To get the correct number, the device is equipped with the technology to check whether you apply the cuff appropriately. Adjust your cuff if you get a signal on screen.
  • Easy
    No worries if you are not familiar with the numbers. Omron BP785 10 Series will indicate whether your blood pressure is normal or not based on the international recommended ranges.
  • Powerful
    The device does a great job in informing you about your heart condition. Whenever it detects irregular heartbeat, it will alert you with a warning sign. Then you should refer to the doctor as soon as possible.
  • Versatile
    Regardless of the size of your arm, you can measure your blood pressure comfortably with Omron’s ComFit™ Cuff. It is suitable for regular arm size (9 inch) to large ones (17 inch). Besides that, it is durable enough for everyday use.
  • Convenient
    You can easily store two peoples’ results for monitoring purpose. Each user can save up to 100 readings with date and time recorded. You can also check back the average of eight weeks readings.
  • Safety
    Omron BP785 10 Series comes with AC adaptor. When your batteries are weak, plug in to prevent data loss in case the power is suddenly being cut off.


How To Use Omron Blood Pressure Monitors

Below is a short and helpful guide on how to measure your blood pressure with Omron’s device. Take note on the dos and don’ts to obtain the right results.

With all the useful features Omron blood pressure monitors have, no wonder they received many positive feedback and became Amazon’s best seller. They are not only affordable and easy to use, but also professional in giving the accurate readings. That’s why many medical professionals also used them in their office.

In short, Omron is a great assistant to monitor your blood pressure.

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