Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – Easy, Accurate, Reliable!

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is very popular among people who want to have regular blood pressure check.

Now you might be wondering: which is the best way to measure blood pressure? Upper arm or wrist? Are wrist blood pressure monitors accurate?

According to research, it’s better to opt for upper arm monitor because it tends to produce more accurate readings. However, this does not mean that wrist checking device is useless. In fact, it does yield precise results if it is being used appropriately. As long as the user places the wrist and arm at heart level, the numbers will be relatively close to upper arm’s readings.

So, both upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitor can operate well, which one do you choose?

Here are some circumstances that you may want to consider wrist device:

  • Obesity – If the arm is too large, it may be difficult to trace and check the actual results
  • Uncomfortable – Some people may not want to suffer the painfulness when the arm cuff inflates
  • Mobility – Wrist monitor is more convenient if you are always on the go or travel a lot


Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

omron-wrist-blood-pressure-monitorOmron wrist blood pressure monitor utilizes high technology and great features to ease the measurement process, they are:

  • Accurate
    Omron wrist blood pressure monitor automatically tracks and shows you the average of three readings taken within ten minutes. Its accuracy has been clinically proven by European Society of Hypertension (ESH).
  • Auto Detection
    Position is very important when it comes to taking blood pressure with wrist. You don’t have to sweat on this matter because this device will alert you with orange light if your position is not correct. Readjust your arm and wrist until the blue light flashes.
  • Easy
    It is not only easy to use, but also easy for reading and understanding. Thanks to its large and clear LCD readouts. Furthermore, it will instantly indicate whether your blood pressure is in the healthy ranges.
  • Powerful
    This device also posses the helpful function that Omron upper arm blood pressure monitor has, where it will notify you with a signal when it detects irregular heartbeat. Beware of irregular heartbeat because it may be a symptom of other heart disease.
  • Portable
    Small and light device without the attached cuff makes it easy for you to carry in your luggage, handbag or suitcase. Great for traveling!
  • Convenient
    Fuss free recording as you can save up to 100 measurement values per person with just a click of button. It allows storage for two persons.


How To Use Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

There are some key points that you should keep in mind when acquiring readings from Omron wrist blood pressure monitor. Watch this short video and follow their tips and instructions to get accurate results.

Besides all the listed benefits that you can get from Omron wrist blood pressure monitor, you can also enjoy a 5 year warranty. No worries if your unit needs some inspection. As a conclusion, this is the easy, accurate portable monitor that well worth your money!

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  1. veer singh
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    Hi! There are many wrist blood pressure monitor but some brands are good and best for checking the bp. Wrist blood pressure monitor is better than other blood pressure monitors, because we can use it easily anywhere, anytime. So thanks a lot for this post.


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